Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Osprey (WBW)

1. Osprey_0038-kab Osprey in Charlestown, MA 8-12-11

When my friend Merry Robin took me to see Charlestown a couple of weeks ago, she also brought me down to the harbor to see what we could see. At Constellation Wharf I spotted three osprey flying around and diving into the river for fish. Osprey are fish hawks. They hunt and nest near all deep bodies of water, including the ocean. Unlike a Bald Eagle, which also eats fish, these birds have a white breast and body when seen from below with barred wings, blacks “wrists,” and a black mask on a white face.

2. osprey-kab Osprey: Length 23 inches, wingspan 60-70 inches

3. osprey-kab Osprey are found on all continents except Antarctica.

4. osprey-kab Osprey flying past building. Can you see it?

5. osprey-kab Osprey will often hover or “kite” over the water before dropping on prey.

6. osprey-kab 

7. osprey-kab Good-bye Osprey!

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Read More about Osprey and view an interactive map of eBird sightings at:

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  1. Awesome! Haven't seen osprey since WA state.

  2. Hi there - thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Very good set of pictures of the osprey.

    If you have the time (or the inclination) have a look at the first osprey image on my "wordy" blog - when I was doing a bit of work on the image I realised that the bird was carrying a fish - its a garfish, with a long 'beak' - had not noticed that when I was taking the picture! You can click on the image on the blog to have a look at a bigger image!

    Cheers - Stewart M.

  3. Terrific shots of an osprey flying and kiting! Great description of identification marks.

  4. Nice in-flight shooting Kathie! Osprey really are captivating birds. How can anyone not be interested in such an awesome bird?!

  5. Hi Kathie

    Great shots, I always thought of the osprey as a white bird with some dark markings. I did not realize how beautiful the feather patterns were.


  6. Lots, hundreds upon hundreds, of birds are being killed by the new, large, wind turbine blades. They don't move that fast but for some reason the birds are being whacked out of the sky by the blades.

  7. Great flight images... a beautiful bird to see.

  8. Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Great in-flight photos of the ospreys. Ospreys are all over the world - I often see them here on the coast of SE Queensland, Australia.

  10. I Love seeing the osprey, wonderful photos!

  11. Excellent captures Kathie. It's a great priveledge to see these magnificent birds ply their trade and a pleasure to enjoy your pictures. You sure do get around girl!

  12. Its great to see an Osprey Kathie, we get some here, but only in certain locations. Good shots.

  13. Gaelyn I guess they don't have too many at the grand Canyon! However, I did use to see them in Tucson at one of the local parks!

    Stewart, thanks! It is surprising how many things I discover after I offload photos and enlarge pictures!

    Thanks Hilke!

    Springman, yes I do! sometimes I feel like I am always on the move! Lets me see lots of birds though!

    Robert, really! I so agree!

    Guy, aren't they though? The dark markings in the wings form an "M" when they are flying and seen from below. This is another field mark to look for.

    Abraham, no? Where? Is there anything that can be done?

    Andrew, thank you.

    Gary, thank you also!

    Mick, that's so cool!

    eileen, glad you liked them.

    Roy, thank you. I was surprised when I researched to learn that they are seen worldwide!

  14. Really nice Osprey shots. We have been seeing tons of Osprey here in Chatham. If you want to do a day trip out here..We can take a boat to South Beach..great birding..

  15. Dawn, I would love to. How about sometime around the 12-14?

  16. Great in-flight shots of the Osprey Kathie! I especially like the shot that looks like the bird is getting ready to drop on its prey from the hover.

  17. These are wonderful shots of a magnificent bird!


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