Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bird Therapy at the Geremonty Marsh

1. Chickadee-kab Black-capped Chickadee at the Geremonty Marsh in Salem, NH 3-13-12

After spending most of last week down in Connecticut to be with my Mom during her final chemo treatment for breast cancer I returned home to all my own chores and errands to do. Since I had to go to Salem for errands I decided to stop for a little more Bird Therapy at the Geremonty Marsh first. I first found this birding location through eBird as one of its Birding Hotspots when I moved to Andover over a year and half ago. Since then I have counted birds here several times. I even brought my friend Kathryn here last fall when she came to visit me. It’s a great little place located next to a library and a school and the distance around it is only about a half a mile. Still, I usually spend up to an hour watching birds when I am here and today is no exception!

2. marsh trail-kabThe trees by the library seem to be full of chickadees, but I soon leave them behind and head for the path through the trees.

3. duck trail-kab I look through the dead reeds for ducks but I do not find any.

4. cattails-kab Across the marsh near the schoolyard I find a pair of Mourning doves sitting on the wires. Even from this distance I can hear their mournful cooing and the whistle of their wings when they fly.

5. red-wing-kab But the real treat are the Red-winged blackbirds that have returned, a sure sign of the return of spring.

6. marsh-kab It is late afternoon and the lowering sun falls soft and golden on the marsh.

7. water's edge-kab I looks at the water’s edge and think about the day soon when I will no longer see the water peeking out at me like this. When these cattails grow tall and green once again they will obscure this view from me.

8. grackles-kab Though I have been seeing and hearing grackles since my arrival they are now taking to the snags over the marsh and calling out their harsh cries to the world. I watch their iridescent feathers glimmer on this golden afternoon. They almost look like jewels on display in some earthy gem store.

9. snow-kab Though the air is warm and the ground mostly dry, the evidence of winter is still seen in a pile of melting snow at the edge of the school parking lot. Perhaps this is winter’s last remnant.

10. konkaree-kab When a Red-winged Blackbird sings out, “Konk-a-REE” all thoughts of winter flee.

11. blackbird-kab 

12. flying away-kab 

13. new perch-kab Yes, spring is coming soon!

Across the street from the marsh a pair of mallards glides in to the wetland on that side.  Seagulls circle overhead and crows caw out their protests over the tall eastern white pines. I have arrived back at the library once again with a robin or two flitting about, and high overhead I look up to see a flock of seven turkey vultures titling and soaring as if in benediction. There… I feel better now.

14. benediction-kab Good-bye!

Our World Tuesday!

Birds seen at the Geremonty Marsh 3-13-12:

  1. Mallards, 2
  2. Turkey Vulture, 7
  3. Ring-billed gull, 8
  4. Mourning Dove, 2
  5. Hairy Woodpecker, 1
  6. American Crow, 8
  7. Fish Crow, 6
  8. Black-capped chickadee, 8
  9. White-breasted Nuthatch,1
  10. American Robin, 3
  11. European Starling, 8
  12. Red-winged Blackbirds, 16
  13. Common grackles, 25

(I spent one hour birding and walked 1/2 mile around the marsh. Winds were light and variable and the temperature was 74F!)


  1. Hi Katie...Some lovely shots of the Red-wings ..gorgeous against the dryed reeds!! That red just brightens the dullest day!! Saw my first flock last week!!
    Like you I want to see those bugged out eyes looking back at me and here the first tree frogs sing to my ears!!
    Saw three Turkey Vultures yesterday first of the season!!

  2. Cool post Kathie. It can be tricky to get good shots of the Blackbird epaulets--very nice!

    Spring is a comin'. I bet soon that spot will be bustling with Warblers and waterfowl.

  3. Cool post Kathie. It can be tricky to get good shots of the Blackbird epaulets--very nice!

    Spring is a comin'. I bet soon that spot will be bustling with Warblers and waterfowl.

  4. Looks like a great place to walk! The Chickadee is beautiful, and I love the Red-winged Blackbird in flight. I always try for that shot, but miss it!

  5. Lovely Chickadee shot Kathie and super shots of the Blackbird with "Racing stripes". {:)

  6. Hi Kathie

    I loved the first shot of the Chickadee and the photos of the red winged black bird are wonderful. It is nice to see that your birds are returning. Not many of them seem to have made it to our neck of the woods yet. But we are hopeful.

    All the best.

  7. Bird therapy is good for the soul.

    Love those red-winged black birds.

    I saw turkey vultures kettling yesterday, a sign of spring here. Then this morning woke to 4" of snow. My feeders have been overcrowded.

  8. These are awesome!! Bird therapy is the BEST Therapy :)

  9. It does look like a great place to bird! I love the photos of the red-winged blackbird (and of the hawk and turkey and other birds in both these posts!) Great Our World offering!

    Glad your Mom is done with her treatments. I hope she is doing well.

  10. Really amazing pictures, thank you for sharing I looked at your post a Tawny Owl started hooting outside our window, must've know I was visiting a bird site :)

  11. It's wonderful that you have such a great birding spot sort of on your regular errand route....thank you for sharing the great sightings from there.

  12. So lovely to see your friends the bird returning. Wonderful photos Kathie.
    How is your mom holding up???

  13. Beautiful shots!

    Sending you and your mum healing thoughts.

  14. Birding is a great therapy. Loved you post and photos. The chickadee is my favorite.

  15. Great reportage on this bird!
    I heard that a few weeks ago, thousands had fallen dead from the sky and the reason is still not clear...
    What a pity...
    Great blog and wonderful photography!


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