Monday, March 5, 2012

Following the Freedom Trail part 3

1. Old North church-kab The Old North Church 10-24-11

When my friend Kathryn was visiting me last fall we took a trip into Boston to visit some of the historic sights. We left the Old North Church and followed the red brick line of the Freedom Trail back towards Charlestown where our car was parked.

2. Copp's Hill-kab As the sun sank lower towards the western horizon we hurried up this steep hill with the sun in our eyes and the Zakim bridge before us.

3. Copps graveyard-kab The Freedom Trail took us right past Copp’s Burying Ground, the largest Colonial graveyard dating from 1659.

4. flowers-kab We decided to stop here and wander around the gravestones.

5. signage-kab 

6. gravestone-kab 

7. gravestone-kab 

8. gravestone-kab 

9. graveyard-kab But with the day waning we finally left the souls to the night…

10. Zakim Bridge-kab …and continued to follow the trail over the bridge and back into Charlestown.

11. maple tree-kab Kathryn wanted to see some autumn foliage.

12. leaves-kab These maples along the street did not disappoint.

13. NE architecture-kab On our way back to the car we passed many fine examples of New England Architecture. This old duplex comes complete with a widow’s walk on top. The Widow’s Walk is so named for the wives of men who went to sea and never returned. The women would walk upon their rooftops searching the horizon with hope against hope that their sailors would come home one day.

When Kathryn came to visit me she got me to go outside my birding box and see a place that was right in my own backyard and I had never explored before. While I am comfortable exploring natural areas, I am a bit intimidated by the city. Kathryn gave me the courage and incentive to do something I would not have done by myself. We had such a good time and I would go back again. The Freedom Trail was fun and informative to follow and I would definitely take the water taxi again. My only advice: Allow yourself a bit more time. We did all of this in about 5 hours. You can read all the posts about our walk along The Freedom Trail by scrolling down or clicking on the links below.



  1. Interesting how the places to visit in our own back yards are often visited only when we get visitors. Nice tour Kathie, but I'm still wondering where the birds are. ;)

  2. What a fun series of posts bringing back many fond memories of our 3 visits to Boston (1969,1992,& 2008). :)

  3. sometimes it's weird like that...we don't SEE what's right around the corner...until it's time to show off where you live!

    i think it's pretty cool to wander through the old cemeteries...amazing really, the worn headstones...the ornate designs...
    LOVE the autumn leaves too!

    thanks for the tour!

  4. Thanks Kathie for taking me back to Boston where I ate my first real Boston baked beans and have been making them ever since.

    Great photos and I love those sugar maples.

  5. Awesome post. The Freedom Trail is a cool place to go birdwatching. There are red tailed hawks everywhere!

  6. Gaelyn, I didn't visit this place myself because I was too chicken to go to the city by myself. Having Kathryn along gave me the courage to do so and i have amended the post to say so. As for the birds, no more from Boston but some from CT will be showing up later on today!

    troutbirder, I can see why you would have fond memories of this place. I have always avoided it but now I would like to go back also!

    Laura, I love to explore the areas around me but I am intimidated by the cities. I am glad we did this though. It was fun!

    Arija, homemade baked beans are the best! I did not know you had been to this country! That is amazing! I am glad you enjoyed this post.

  7. I love going into cities and Boston is fabulous!

  8. BostonHistoryBlog, thanks for that info and for your visit!

    Kathryn, If it weren't for you I would not have done this! THANK YOU!

  9. Gorgeous photographs! You saw Old North Church, and everything pertaining to Boston's history! I love it!


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