Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Freedom Trail Part 2

1. Quincy Market-kab Quincy Market 10-24-11

When my friend Kathryn visited me last fall we took a trip to Boston to follow the Freedom Trail. Once we left Legal Seafoods we headed to Quincy Market. It is a place I have heard of but never been to before, so I had no idea what to expect. There were lots of little shops inside this building with vendors everywhere. The place was hopping and we passed through quickly…

2. soldiers-kab …but not before spotting a couple of leftover British Soldiers!

3. tourists-kab Of course, we did the touristy thing. Here’s Kathryn snapping a few shots.

4. skyscrapers-kab Boston Skyscrapers 10-24-11

5. Fanuiel Hall-kab Faneuil Hall

6. inside-kab Inside Faneuil Hall

We knew we were not going to walk all of the Freedom Trail so we left the red line and took a short cut across some side roads.

7. mums-kabOn our way we saw these mums in the street.

8. Dirty Nellies-kab As we headed for the Old North Church we passed this place.

9. Irish Kate-kab Since Kathryn is part Irish and her middle name is Nell we just had to get her picture in front of it!

10. Revere's House-kab We picked up the Freedom Trail again in front of Paul Revere’s House.

11. plaque-kab 

12. revere statue-kab We walked past the statue of Paul Revere.

13. Old North church-kab And we saw the steeple of The Old North Church before us!

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  1. Some of you know me as KatNell, so of course I have to have a picture of the Irish pub, not only of the Irish in me but also my middle name is Nell!

    The only "birds" in this series are Kathie and me. ;-)

  2. I'm a huge fan of U.S. history. I need to get out that way for sure!

  3. Great tour of Boston. I had to laugh at Gaelyn's comment " No Birds" .

  4. Gaelyn. LOL! After we left the waterfront I mostly saw pigeons and house sparrows. Plus, I did not have a good enough camera with me for taking bird photos!

    Kathryn, you got that right!

    Robert, if you love history you would LOVE it here! You'd have both birds and history galore!

    Eileen, Hee Hee! Me too!

  5. Matty and I did the Freedom Trail this summer and loved it. We stayed in the North End and walked everywhere. Your photos bring back memories... We want to go back.

  6. Thanks for showing me a little of Boston. The old and the new BUT who was DIRTY NELLIE?

  7. Kelly, I can understand why!

    Cuby Poet, I am not sure who Dirty Nellie was. Now you've got me wondering...

    To all new commenters: I have amended this post to include the bit about Kathryn's middle name.

  8. Fantastic day you guys were having! You were able to see so much! Great photos! (By the way, the original Durty Nellie's is in Ireland...I've seen one in San Antonio and just learned of this one in Boston...I bet there are lots more!)


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