Friday, March 16, 2012

Colchester Country

1. road home-kab Follow me down a country road to my sister’s house

where the wild birds gather in spring

juncos on the lawn, titmice in the trees

downy woodpeckers drumming

red-bellied woodpeckers drumming,

2. red-shouldered hawk-kaband in the backyard and what do I see?

A red-shouldered hawk peering down at me

I go to the door, sister come see

but the red-shouldered hawk

flew away from me.

So we sat and had tea

in Colchester Country.

3. tree buds-kab High overhead the trees are in bloom

spring is coming,

soon! soon!

4. old barn-kab In the woods the old barn patiently waits

it’ll soon disappear behind a curtain of green

in Colchester Country.

5. country road-kab So I take a walk down an old country road,

6. farm field-kab past the old farm fields golden and quiet,

7. farm-kab past the old farm with its stories to tell,

whispering softly over the fields,

8. Moomrise-kab and as the day wanes the moonrises slowly

making a moonpath on the still pond

a mallard glides in and follows the trail

into the marsh grasses and then it is gone,

in Colchester Country.

9. ancestors-kab I stop by the graveyard to say Hi to my grandpa,

10. yard birds-kab I watch birds at the feeder by Grandpa’s old barn

where he kept his boat for his trips to Maine,

to Moosehead Lake

the place that he loved best,

the place where he left us before coming to rest

in the old graveyard

in Colchester Country.

11. turkey-kab Then out and about I watch wild turkeys run

at dusk they feed and flee to the woods

where they bed for the night in safety,

12. killdeer-kab and on the next day in my travels around

Colchester Country I find the sweet killdeer on the pond’s shore

13. killdeer pair-kab First one, then a pair in the cool air,

In Colchester Country the place of my roots,

14. farm field-kab Like an old oak tree, there’s still a farm girl in me,

and I find her again in Colchester Country.

~Kathie Adams Brown 3-15-12


  1. What a lovely post - the photos and the text. I rather like the old barn in the woods.

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed my tour through Colchester county! Lots of beauty and birds there! Your writing is, of course, always very enjoyable as well!

  3. Such a poetic tribute to home in Colchester Country. Does your sis still live at the old homestead?

  4. What a lovely area Kathie.

  5. Lovely post, Kathie! Thanks for the lovely tour of Colchester County.

  6. cuby poet, I like that old barn too. it was taken down and reassembled at this location.

    Tammy, thank you!

    Gaelyn, no old homestead here that belongs to us. These pics were taken at various locations in and around Colchester. Only the red barn pic is from my family. Oh, and I did se that hawk in my sister's backyard but her house is quite "new" by New England Standards.

    Roy, this is the town I grew up in. does any of it look like England to you?

    Eileen, you are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Wonderful post pictures and poetry! Thanks for sharing

  8. How lovely this entire post is! Thank you for sharing your talents .. poetry and photos .. and I loved the walk in the country. Wonderful to have all that family history in your spot! Not too many of us can say that any more.

  9. Hi Kathie

    That is funny, I lived in a hamlet (official designation)called Colchester in southern Ontario for eight years 16-24 so I felt right at home on your tour. No turkeys there then but they have since been introduced but phesants and shorebirds, sugar maples, oaks and elms, lots of old farms, marshes and country roads. Thanks for taking me back with your wonderful poem.


  10. I truly love this post, Kathie! Beautiful photographs and the sense of nostalgia is there. I love seeing "the place of your roots" which is now home for you again.


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