Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stirling Street Bog Birds: 71 species and Counting!

1. SOSP-kab Song Sparrow October 2011

All year round one can see and hear Song Sparrows singing at the bog.

2. AMCR-kab American Crow October 2011

The Crow is another year-round species at the bog.

3. May 2012 MALL-kab Mallard May 2012

I have seen Mallards nesting here and many more duck species during migration.


January Birds

4. Jan BLJA-kab  January Blue Jay 2011


5. Jan 2011 DEJU-kabDark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) 2011

February Birds

6. Feb 2012 HOSP-kab House sparrow


7. Feb 2012 EABL-kab Eastern Bluebird 2012



8. March 2011 Downy WP-kab Downy Woodpecker 2011


April Birds at the Bog

9. RTHA-kab Red-tailed hawks are regularly seen here


10. mobbing-kab Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by crows April 2011


11. April 2011 COGR-kab Common Grackles return to the bog April 2011


12. April 2012 BEKI-kab Belted Kingfisher April 2011


13. April 2012 Bog MODO-kab Mourning Dove April 2012

Mourning doves are seen year-round at the bog.

14. April 2012 EAPH Eastern Phoebe April 2012

I know spring has returned when I hear and see the phoebes!


15. April 2012 NOFL-kab April 2012 Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted)

16. april 2012 Nuthatch-kab White-breasted Nuthatch April 2012


17. May 2012 GREG-kab Great Egret May 2012

This year was the first time I ever saw an egret at the bog. Last week I saw 2 more!


June Bog Birds

18. June 2011 EAKI-kab Eastern Kingbird June 2011

I have seen Eastern Kingbirds here both summers. This spring during migration I also saw Great-crested Kingbirds but was unable to obtain pictures of them. I have not seen them during the summer.

19. June 2011 flicker at nest Northern Flicker near nest hole June 2011


August Birds

20. Aug 2011 kestrel-kab American Kestrel August 2011


21. August 2011 blackbirds-kab Blackbirds flocking August 2011


October Migration at the Bog

21. Oct 2011 YRWA-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler October 2011

Though I look and listen all spring and summer I only seem to see warblers here during migration and mostly in the fall. I have also see palm warblers here and I suspect there are others but I did not recognize them in their autumn plumage.

22. Oct 2011 COYE-kab Common Yellowthroat October 2012


23. Oct 2011 DSC_0323 YRWA-kab Yellow-rumped warbler on guard rail October 2011

24. Oct 2011 SWSP Swamp Sparrow October 2011


25. 2011 YRWA-kab Yellow-rumped Warbler on stump October 2011

November Birds

26. Nov 2010 CANG-kab Canada Goose November 2010

Geese are usually here spring through Autumn but they leave when the bog freezes up in winter. I have seen them nest here as well, but their nest are usually too far out for my camera.


27. Nov 2010 NOCA-kab Northern Cardinal November 2010


28. Nov 2010 sunset-kab November Sunset with Crows in Flight 2010

These are just a few of the bird species that can be seen year-round at the bog. The complete species list can be seen in the side-bar, but these are only the birds I have seen in the two years I lived nearby and counted birds at the bog. Hopefully many others will come enjoy the bog and its birds and continue to add to the list of species seen at the bog now that it is an eBird Hotspot! I just added a new species there tonight when I went to count birds and saw a pair of House Wrens climbing around on an old snag. They bring my total to 71 species of birds seen at the Stirling Street Bog! Check out eBird and see what can be seen for yourself! Then come back to read my next post:


  1. WOW!!!! so many BOG birds!! and so many awesome shots!!

    i LOVE the Red-tailed hawk shots...the sun REALLY making the tail shine! (i hate it when the crown chase the hawks & owls from the trees out back!)

    you've got LOTS of amazing pictures here kathie...the goose, yellowthroat, kestrel (yeah!). egret, flicker!!

    1. Thanks Laura. I am actually amazed at how many photos I have and at how many I don't have!

  2. Beautiful shots. I love how you have shown them by time of year. The red tail hawk is a beauty but those chubby little warblers were my favorites I think. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A very interesting and colourful set of birds Kathie.

  4. Wonderful show of pretty birds Kathie.

  5. Your shots are beautiful. I'm always fascinated by how many types of sparrows there are around us. Some are easy to id while others are quite difficult:) Love the shot of the Red Tail Hawks!

    1. Rohrerbot, I am always challenged by sparrows. Some I know right off, and others keep me guessing!

  6. You're an awesome eBirder and that bog is gonna miss you.

    1. Robert, I am going to miss the bog and I will always be wondering what is happening there when I am gone!

  7. Beautiful photos Kathie. A wonderful calendar of species. I love the light that you captured shining through the Kestrels tail. Can't wait to go birding with you in AZ :)


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