Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hurray! Stirling Street Bog is now a eBird Hotspot!

1. Autumn 2010 bog-kab Stirling Bog October 2010

When I first moved to Andover in September of 2010 I was delighted to find this bog on a back road in my neighborhood. Since leaving my home in Sycamore Canyon in Tucson, which I had already established as an eBird Site Survey, I knew I wanted to start a new survey in my new location. When I found this bog so close to my home I felt I had landed on my feet! I started counting birds at this location that very first autumn and have managed to count birds there at least once a week in the two years since. I have only missed two weeks in that whole time, one of which is the first week of August, which I will knock off tomorrow when I do a bird count there this year. The other week is the first week of September, and I will be back in Tucson by then. That will be the only week that is missing data in the eBird Bar Charts.

2. Stirling Street-kab Stirling Street near bog October 2010

Last year when I was out counting birds here at the bog I meant a woman named Susan who was doing a program through Massachusetts Audubon to earn herself a certificate. We chatted about birds and I told her of my bird counts and my blog. she asked if she could use some of my data to assist her in tracking bird populations here at the bog. I told her yes. This year she contacted me again and we go together. I was delighted to find out that she not only used my data to compile a bird guide to Den Rock Park for mass Audubon, but she is also hoping to get that guide published as a paperback book that will be available to the public! You cannot imagine how thrilled I am to think that all my bird counting is paying off to help educate others about birds and birding!

3. autumn sunset 2010-kab November 2010 Sunset at the bog

So, this year I finally suggested the Stirling Bog as a birding Hotspot to eBird. Apparently it was accepted because if you log into eBird now you can find it on the map as an eBird Hot Spot! Just click on the red balloon to pinpoint your location and the name pops up! It also means that this location is now listed on their Bird Log app making it even easier for you to count birds here! This also means that even if you are not an eBird participant, you can go to eBird, click on the Explore Data tab, then click on Bar Charts, then scroll down through the states to find Massachusetts. Once you have highlighted the state, you click on the button for Hot Spots. From there you press “Continue,” then find Stirling Bog in the list. Click the box next to the name and click “Continue” again. The database will then bring up the bar charts for this location and you will be able to see all the species seen in this location as well as the frequency and time of year that they occur here! In other words, now all this data is accessible to anyone who wants to view it! This bog has been my comfort and solace through the two years I have lived here. It has brought me much joy and filled my life with calm. Whenever I needed a nature break it was so close by. Now that it is an eBird Hotspot I hope more of you will stop by and continue the count of bird species at the Stirling Street Bog! I would love to see the data for this location continue to grow!

Below are just a few of the photos I have taken through the seasons here at the bog. A post with the birds of the bog will soon follow! Enjoy!

4. crow moon sky 2010-kab In Autumn the Crows stream across the bog in the evening 11-18-2010


5. wooly bear warning-kab Wooly Bear Caterpillar trying to warn me of the upcoming winter (seen at the edge of the bog in October of 2010)

6. Jan 2011 Winter bog-kab January 2011 Record snowfall covers the bog

7. winter bog-kab January 2011 Stumps and grasses poke through the snow


8. deep snow-kab January 2011 tree screams for help from deep snow!


9. melting spring 2011-kab March 2011 The snow is finally gone!


10. bare bones Mar 2011-kab Bare Bones at the bog March 2011


11. April 2011-kab Springtime April 2011


12. June 2011-kab May 2011 Green is seen


13. July 2011 Lilypads-kab July 2011 Water Lilies!

14. July 2011 Summer bog July 2011 Summer Bog

15. aug 2011 starlings-kab August 2011 Flocks of Starlings fill the sky


16. Aug 2011 after Hurricane August 2011 after Hurricane Irene


18. Autumn Oct 20011-kab October 2011 Autumn again


19. Feb 2012 Gray bog-kab February 2012 We had little to no snow this winter


20. April 2012 spring bog-kab April 2012 Spring returns again

21. Spring 2012 forsythia April-kab Forsythia at edge of bog April 2012


22. May 2012 bog-kab May 2012 the bog is filling up with cattails


23. June 2012 bog-kab June 2012 Summer Greenery

Stirling Bog can be accessed from off of Stirling Street in Andover, Massachusetts, but you can also access the bog from Den Rock Park across from Market Basket in North Andover/Lawrence on Route 114. Click on the links below for additional information.

Update August 1, 2012: I counted birds at the bog tonight for 35 minutes and saw a pair of sweet little House Wrens climbing around a dead snag. When I entered that count into eBird I discovered that I had never seen that species in this location before! So, that makes House Wren species number 71 for the bog!

24a. Cang-kab Follow me to see the Birds of the Bog


  1. Kathie, beautiful photos of your bog. You have worked hard on your ebird entries. I love the shots of the colorful trees, they are just gorgeous. I assume you will miss your bog once you move. Lovely photos.

    1. Eileen, you are correct about missing the bog and thank you for your comments!

  2. oh wow!! all the bog's seasons...that first shot with the crows & moon...love it!! and of course the stumps in the snow, the bare bones, the fiery colors of the autumn trees.
    gorgeous pictures!!
    now...on to follow the goose...

    1. laura, the bog is so changable through the seasons and it is fun to see it in all its moods! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

  3. Great images and so neat to hear how much of an impact your reporting to ebird had. congrats

  4. Hi Kathie

    Great stuff your dedication really paid off.


  5. Beautiful image of seasons in the bog.

  6. Great time survey of photos. Seasons of Stirling Bog!

  7. Wow! Fantastic pictures of a beautiful place. We often go up north to Sax Zim bog winter. Irruptions of Canada often make the 4 hour trips worthwhile. This year a Norther Goshawk made it all worthwhile... :)

    1. Troutbirder, I would love to go visit Sax Zim Bog! I have heard so much about it! I would love to see a goshawk. It is a species that has eluded me so far!


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