Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Black Guillemot in Acadia NP

DSC_0002 Bass Harbor 5-29-15

On May 29th I met my friend, Donna Simonetti at Acadia National Park in Maine to go birding. We drove all around Mount Desert island and stopped at Ketchum’s Seafood Ketch for lunch. It was nice enough for us to dine outside, so we did, and while we ate I kept my eye on the harbor, hoping against hope that I would spot a certain little black diving bird. I knew it would be a Life Bird for Donna, and for me, it would be my first time seeing one this year. I had seen some last year with my friend, Chris Rohrer when he came to Maine for his birding adventure. We had seen some on our trip to Eastern Egg Rock, only then I was busy puking my guts out and could not take any pictures! I was so seasick!

DSC_0003 Boats in Bass Rock Harbor.

This was our view from our table.

DSC_0004 Suddenly I noticed a little black dot next to one of the boats.


DSC_0006 Then I saw another.

It seemed to have the classic silhouette, but I needed it to come closer.

DSC_0009 Then I saw the little white spot at the corner of its wing!

Bingo! Black Guillemot!

All eating stopped then and we were in full blown photographer mode!

DSC_0010 Donna could barely contain herself as the bird came closer!

We finished our meals and paid the check, then wandered out onto the docks for some better photo ops! The guillemot were happy to oblige! There were actually three of them, and we snapped and snapped away!

DSC_0014 Who can resist that cute face?



DSC_0023 Or these adorable red feet?

And to top things off, we spotted a doe on our way back to the cabin!

DSC_0027 White-tailed Deer on Mount Desert Island, ME 5-29-15


  1. yes a lovely bird. we have themwaddling up an down my pier inBangor Northern Ireland all summer. They have nest in the piet.

  2. Hello Kathie, great capture of the Guillemot. I like their cute red feet! Pretty shot of the deer! Happy Birding!

    1. Eileen, I love their cute red feet too! Thanks!


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