Saturday, September 24, 2011

Black-bellied Plover in Autumn

1. Black-bellied plover poem-kab Black-bellied Plover 9-13-11 Cape Cod, MA

The black-bellied plover in autumn

is a black and white painting of a bird

an exercise in pointillism

by the God who designs birds

Feathered creatures who fly

and wade on ocean shores

Where wind and water shape their lives

and bend the light

‘til we see dots.

~Kathie Adams Brown (September 23, 2011)

2. black-bellied plover-kab 

3. black-bellied plover-kab

The black-bellied plover is just one of 15 Life birds I saw while out on South Beach in Chatham, MA with Jeff and Dawn Fine two weeks ago. When looking at these photos, which are greatly enlarged and cropped, it made me think of the pointillism paintings by Seurat. I hope you enjoy the photos and the poem inspired by them.

Click on the link to view Serat’s Painting Sunday Afternoon on on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the paintings. You may click on my photos to enlarge also.


  1. Kathie, you do have a way with words, lovely poem. And I love your shots of the Black Bellied Plover.

  2. Hi Katie...wonderful on the lifer's ..congrat's!!
    Lovely post and photo's!!


  3. Hi Kathie

    Quite a nice post I really enjoyed it.


  4. eileen, thank you!

    Grammie G, it was a fun day and I was thrilled to see this species of bird.

    Guy, I am so glad you did. I love it when a poem comes together. And if you come back here again you will notice that I have changed the last word from "spots" to "dots" in keeping with the theme of pointillism.

  5. You have done pointillism justice. I've always liked Seurat.

  6. Thanks Gaelyn! I wondered how many people would even know who he is!


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