Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tern Song (SWF)

1. Terns-kabJust a Little Flight Music


2. solo flight-kab Solo Flight 9-13-11


3. beach music-kab Beach Music 9-13-11 Cape Cod

When I was out at South Beach on Cape Cod last week I saw so many birds and took so many pictures. When I saw the first shot of the terns in flight it reminded me of the pattern of musical notes on a bar graph. Then I realized that each of these photos reminded me of poetry and music. I hope you enjoy them as they seemed the perfect shots for…

Skywatch Friday.

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  1. Hi Katie..I can hear the call of the Terns and the feeling of being there in your photo's ...just lovely !!


  2. Hi Kathie

    Beautiful photos of the terns and they do look like musical notes, you got lovely pictures on this trip.


  3. Birding is Fun, thanks! This was fun birding for me!

    Grammie G, so glad you can FEEL it! I always like ti when others get the feeling I am trying to portray.

    Guy, thanks!

  4. Love the quavers and semiquavers in the first shot Kathie.{:)

  5. Beach music for sure. Great shots; how do you get them? I want your lens.... LOL

  6. Lovely captures.

    Regards and best wishes


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