Friday, September 16, 2011

South Beach Birding-a prelude

1. Birding team-kab Jeff and Dawn Fine (behind) Matt Malin (front) 9-13-11

As many of you know, I have kind of been offline since the beginning of September when my son Alex and his family came home to visit us after his return from a year’s deployment in Afghanistan. After a few days with his Mom and Dad he took his family and his older brother north to Maine to visit the middle son for a week. While they were gone I got a bit of birding and blogging done. One of the best days of my life turned out to be Tuesday, September 13th, when Dawn Fine invited me to go birding with her and Jeff out to South Beach on Cape Cod. Little did I know what wonders awaited me. I took nearly 300 photos and after discarding almost 50 I still have 248 shots to distill down into some kind of reasonable blog posts! My son and his wife are back with me from now until sometime next week, which is still keeping me happily busy. So, here is just a tease for what is yet to come!

2. terns-kab Terns on the beach with a person digging for clams in the background.

(Mostly common terns but there are a few other species. Look closely to see if you can spot them.)

3. American Oystercatcher-kab American Oystercatcher, species number 400 0n my Life List!

(This is just one of the 15 new species I saw on this day!)

4. sparrow-kab And who is this hiding in the beach grass?

Come back soon to find out!

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  1. Congrats on #400! I look forward to seeing more pics and learning the id of that sparrow.

  2. Awesome 400th. Feel like I was there once again. Enjoy your family time.

  3. HI Katie...looks like so much fun...looks like a lovely weather day to!

    Nice and will be looking forward to more!!


  4. Thanks Jeremy! You will find out soon!

    Dawn, it was THE BEST!

    Gaelyn, thanks on both counts!

    Grace, thank you also!

  5. These are great and I am looking forward to the rest of them Kathie.

  6. Hi Kathie, looks like a great place for birding. And a nice outing with Dawn. I love the Oystercatchers and I will take awild guess at the sparrow and say it is a Seaside Sparrow. Congrats on your new birds and sightings.

  7. Great shot of the Oystercatcgers! I'd love to go to South Beach one day - have heard much about it, but also that getting there is somewhat arduous.


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