Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the Backyard

1. autumn-kab Autumn leaves in the yard 9-26-11

After days of busyness and family gatherings and a catching up on things I finally took a few moments to myself and ate my breakfast once again while sitting on my porch in the backyard. Autumn is certainly making its appearance now, though it has been sultry gray and muggy for the past week (which inspired a poem, see link below). Finally today the sun shone and it was drier and more pleasant to sit outside. Here is what I could see from my porch as I enjoyed this autumn day.

2. Ballerina-kab As always, my ballerina keeps me company.

3. suet-kab I have hung the suet from the porch roof for the coming winter.

3. trees-kab Trees beyond the porch.

4. juv cardinal-kab A juvenile female cardinal and a white-breasted nuthatch at the feeder 9-25-11

5. HOFI-kab Male House Finch 9-26-11

6. chipmunk-kab The yard is full of chipmunks busily gathering food for the winter…

7. woodpile-kab …while I am busily gathering wood for the fireplace!

Please read my Poem: When Autumn Was Delayed on Kathie’s Poet Tree


  1. Kathiue, nice backyard birds and I love the cute chipmunk. We have a big woodpile too. I am hoping it is NOT a horrible cold winter.

  2. Hi Kathie

    I love the contrast and balance of the first photo and I really covet your cardinal.


  3. Seems nice that you got to relax on the porch on a comfortable fall day, and, or course watch the birds. I'm seeing a definite increase in deer and all the squirrel varieties eating their fill in preparation of winter. Does that mean it's coming real soon? I hope not.


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