Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who’s that Hiding on South Beach?

1. Who's this-kab Sparrow in the grass on Cape Cod 9-13-11


2. hiding-kab What do you see?


3. coming out-kab Who’s Looking at me?


4. Savanah Sparrow-kab Savanah Sparrow

Filed marks: White breast with dark streaks that sometimes run to a central spot, white throat, white under-tail coverts, white belly, white to yellow eyebrow, yellow lores, thin central crown stripe.

5. Savanah sparrow-kab Savanah Sparrow on South Beach of Cape Cod 9-13-11


  1. I knew it! Nice photos Kathie.

  2. Beautiful photos, Kathie! Congrats on your sparrow.

  3. What a super little bird Kathie and some really nice images in the special surroundings.

  4. That is a nice sparrow. I never saw a Savannah Sparrow before but have read about them. Your picture does them justice and sets them in the picture where they are supposed to be. I think.

  5. beautiful markings on your little sparrow you spotted there...hiding in the grass...great pictures!!

  6. Hi Kathie

    Great photos of a beautiful sparrow.



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