Sunday, January 15, 2012

Battle of the Birds on Plum Island

1. bald eagle-kab Bald Eagle on Plum Island 1-10-12
Last week when I was on Plum Island one of the first birds I saw was this Bald Eagle perched on this pole along the Parker River by parking lot one. As I stood at the edge of the road taking pictures I watched a bird battle unfold before my eyes. Two great black-backed gulls started to harass the eagle along with some crows. Following is the series of photos I took. Scroll down to see who wins!
2. eagle n crow-kab
3. battle is on-kab
4. harrasing-kab Mobbing!
5. mobbing-kab Ambush!
6. chasing-kab
7. pack attack-kab Eagle, Crow, and Gull
8. stack attack-kab Bird stack!
9. gull n eagle-kab The eagle flies
10. the crows laugh-kab The crows laugh
11. the eagle comes back-kab The eagle comes back…but so do the gulls!
12. relaxing-kab The eagle thinks,
13. flying-kab the eagle flies,
14. chase again-kab the gulls give chase…
15. great black backed gull-kab The gull claims the throne!


  1. Wonderful series, Kathie! I am surprised the eagle gives up so easily. Those gulls could be dinner. Have a happy Sunday!

  2. An epic story with great visual effects Kathie.{:)

  3. wow...great shots!!

    the eagle does look a little ruffled when he returned to the post...

    i've seen crows chase the red shouldered hawks here...across the street...through the field...and beyond!

  4. What a great series! That's some excitement!

  5. Wonderful show-and-tell sequence, Kathie. Love your images!

  6. Nice sequence and play-by-play commentary.

  7. Very epic struggle! I'l often a bit disappointed by how quickly raptors give up their meals/territory to lesser competitors. Maybe they just have more to lose from a fight.
    Great series, thanks for posting.

  8. Awesome series- gotta love a good battle scene in nature!

  9. What a great show! I always chuckle when I see smaller birds harassing the larger. Ultimately, that gull just wanted the throne.

  10. Great post! I really like the "bird stack" shot!

  11. Hi love this one...what O would give to get close enough to have a shot of the Eagle ..they are always way out of my field of the ending shot ..great post!!
    PS: 3 Bluebirds at the feeding station this morning ..2 degrees above..they do eat the suet I hope they will do well..I may ship them to you! : }

  12. Whoa! What a show! That Bird Stack photo is especially phenomenal. Lucky you to have caught it all.

    Happy New Year to you!

  13. Hi Kathie. A super action series .... and I wasn't surprised at the outcome! Have a great week .. FAB.

  14. very neat series Kathie. Must have been fun to watch.

  15. Stunning photos of the most beautiful of all:)

  16. Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Beautiful bird scenes. I'm always thrilled to see eagle captures.

  18. Great series of shots! You must have been shooting rapid fire to catch all of the action! :) thanks for sharing

  19. Wow wow and more wow! Beautiful.


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