Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Ice in Andover

1. Skug river ice-kabSkug River Ice 1-6-12 Andover

I went looking for birds around Andover again on Friday but all I found was ice! The following photos are from two sites I visited that are part of the Andover Village Improvement Society. I hope you enjoy this photo essay of a walk in the woods in winter.

The Mary French Reservation2. flowing water-kab 

3. cattails down-kab 

4. ice edges-kab 

5. mary french ice-kab 

The Skug River Reservation6. Skug river boardwalk-kab 

7. ice blue sky-kab 

8. forest path-kab 

9. boardwalk-kab 

10. ice on the skug-kab 

11. sky in the water-kab 

12. ice patterns-kab 

13. skug river-kab 

14. trail back-kab 

15. ice quiet-kab

In all these woods I only found woodpeckers,  nuthatches, and a cardinal. But on my drive back into town I spotted a small flock of European Starlings on the campus of the Phillip’s Academy making it species number 31 for my Big January 2012 List! Click on the link below to see the updates. And for more birding fun, click on the Birding is Fun link to see photos from my past Big January Lists! I’m posting over there today as well!

Big January 2012 Bird List

Birding is Fun: Big January Birding Fun


  1. Winter woodland with its own special beauty Kathie.

  2. Everywhere I go in Morgan County, all the water is covered in ice too. Our canyon creeks are even completely iced over; however, Weber River is still running.

    Even though you did not see many birds, the landscape is beautiful.

  3. Pretty ice! Hey, just wondering, have you ever submitted a Zero-bird checklist to eBird?

  4. Nice scenic pics. I really like the paths.
    Bet you heard some birds. Right?


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