Friday, January 13, 2012

Plum Island Sunset SWF

1-13-12a Sandy Point sunset-kab Sunset at Sandy Point on Plum Island 1-10-12
1-13-12b Sandy Point sunset-kab
1-13-12c Sandy Point sunset-kab Beach and Sky at Sandy Point 1-10-12
I went bird watching at Plum Island earlier this week and as the sun slipped towards the horizon it colored my world with magic. I hope these photos help you feel it as well. I did not want to leave. I felt the beach and the ocean calling me…but I turned and left anyways. It was getting dark.
Winter Beach Song
I pad across the damp beach sand
As the fireball sinks behind me
Illuminating an empty winter beach
It seems to throw its last rays of the day into the tattered clouds
Burnishing them with gold where they hang like flames above my head
I hear the gentle lapping of this calm ocean
As the beach sands turn from gold, to blush, to blue
Then all becomes indigo and I feel the press of nightfall
Yet I hear the ocean calling me, and I linger,
Just one moment longer
I hear the song of the ocean, its wildness enticing me,
But I turn my back and hurry down the sandy path
Through dunes with grasses lashing in the wind
To my car with heated seats, and I drive home
Resisting the pull, yet still hearing the song
In my soul.
~Kathie Adams Brown (January 12, 2012)


  1. Beautiful skies Kathie! The colors of the sky reflecting on the sand look gorgeous. Great captures. Happy Skywatching and I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous sky and water and I enjoyed your Winter Beach Song too. Yes, I imagine it would be hard to turn your back and walk away from the colors and song of the ocean.

  3. Wonderful poem and photos. I felt I was there with you. The ocean's song is in my soul as well.

  4. Beautiful is all I can say! Wow. The sand reflecting the sunset really pulls me. I can hear the ocean's song now. I can see why you would linger and not want to leave.

  5. I can certainly understand why you'd want to tarry here. But is hard to beat the heated seats when your bum starts getting cold.

  6. Eileen, thank you! Your comments are always so cheerful! I can almost hear your voice in my head!

    Diane, though I like the ocean it does not normally have this affect on me, but for some reason on this day, it did.

    Carole, that is nice to hear. The mountains are what normally call to me, but one this evening, I did hear the song of the ocean beckoning me back.

    Kathryn, you will just have to come back again, though much of t his beach is closed in summer to protect nesting Piping plovers and other shore birds!

    Gaelyn, your comment made me laugh out loud! You are so right and I have gotten so spoiled! I LOVE my heated seats! I even used them when I lived In AZ!

  7. That is pretty dramatic sky! Great shot!


  8. wonderful and bright and almost spiritual...great photo thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy Friday

  9. Luscious sky color and beautiful words, Kathie. I love the beach in winter. Happy Weekend!

  10. Wonderful images Kathie and how I dream of living on the coast..
    Hugs xx

  11. All these shots are beautiful, but the last one is my favorite!!

  12. I agree with Nature in the Burbs... that last photograph is incredible!

  13. Your photos and your poem are very beautiful. You make me feel that I am there!

  14. I can hush myself and hear the beauty~

  15. above & below...looking up and looking down. BEAUTIFUL cloudy skies and beach!!!! thanks!

  16. So, so lovely--the poem and the pics.
    and God bless your dear mama!

  17. Gorgeous photos, Kathie! Fantastic colors!


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