Monday, January 2, 2012

Kathiesbirds 2011 Bird Totals

1. HOFI-kab House Finch in my Andover Yard

2011 was a busy year of birding for me. I birded in so many places, both new and familiar. I started the year with 390 species on my Life List and ended it with 420! I counted birds all over New  England, except for Vermont, and I added 15 new counties to my eBird County Life Lists.

Kathiesbirds End of Year Stats


Life Year Month

Total Species

420 184 58

Total Checklists

3726 1141 97

ABA Area Ticks

1578 452 100

In all my efforts to count birds and submit data to eBird I have discovered that one of the most important things to do is to submit data for a designated place over time. So, while birding in new locations gets me more birds for my Life List, birding the same patch day after day is what really helps the birds and the scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. As such, I have several patches in several states that I eBird on a regular basis. While I cannot be everywhere at once, whenever I visit family members or friends, I try to do a bird count somewhere in the area so over time I can submit data from the same place. Closer to home I count birds in my own yard on a daily basis, as well as at a nearby bog. I often walk my dog in a local park, and when I do, I bring along my binoculars, pen and notebook and count birds there too.

However, there are several areas in the United States that have never had even one bird list submitted to eBird. In March of 2010 Gus and I took a drive to visit our son and his family at Fort Campbell, KY. While there I got up early every morning and counted birds outside my hotel room. Though a few others counted birds in that county, the 29 species I submitted that year were the first counts of that year and part of only 67 species recorded for the whole year! this year only 68 species have been counted in Christian County Kentucky. So, whether you count birds on a regular basis, or even just once in awhile, please consider getting out there and counting birds and then submit the data to eBird where it can do some good. Do it for yourself, and do it For the birds! Just click on the link below to find out how:

Improving Your eBird Reporting Skills and other frequently asked questions.

2. WBNU-kab White-breasted Nuthatch at my Andover Backyard feeder

Kathie’s 2011 State Life List Stats

State Life Year

1. Arizona

253 0

2. Massachusetts

160 153

3. Utah

148 0

4. Connecticut

136 101

5. Maine

107 77

6. West Virginia

106 0

7. New York

67 62

8. Florida

65 0

9. New Mexico

63 0

10. New Hampshire

62 59

11. Oklahoma

53 0

12. Colorado

50 0

13. Alabama

47 0

14. Ohio

44 0

15. Washington

38 0

16. Kentucky

29 0

17. Wyoming

20 0

18. Tennessee

20 0

19. Arkansas

19 0

20. Rhode Island

15 0

21. Idaho

13 0

22. Mississippi

12 0

23. Nebraska

11 0

24. Texas

9 0

25. Indiana

8 0

26. Pennsylvania

7 0

27. North Dakota

6 0

28. Iowa

4 0

29. Illinois

3 0

30. South Dakota

1 0

Here’s hoping I make it to Vermont to count birds this year! The New Year has already started so get out there and count! And if you are up to it, take the One-a-Day eBird challenge! Find out more by clicking on the button below.

Happy New Birding Year!


  1. Hi Kathie, Great post. You have an impressive life list. I think I need to go to Arizona to do some birding. Keep up the good work with ebird.

  2. Wow Kathie, that's quite a list! I've been posting on ebird for about 2 years now. The photographs you posted are especially beautiful. Happy birding in 2012!

  3. You really are one serious bird counter. Although I watch the birds in my yard every day I never count, just enjoy. And buy lot of bird seed. ;) Keep counting.

  4. Howdee Ms. Bird counter...
    Wish you would follow me around and count my birds..hee hee
    I adore the first photo..great color!
    Happy Bird Counting to you my dear!

  5. You go Kathie! Wow! That is a lot of states. Love that AZ total. Good luck this year with more lifers.

  6. Excellent post. Amazing travels. Ummm not sure if you realized, but Vermont is only an hour and a half east of you. :) May your birding travel in 2012 be as productive as 2011.


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