Thursday, January 5, 2012

St. Mary’s by the Sea

1. Sunset at St. Mary's-kab Sunset at St. Mary's By the Sea in Bridgeport, CT 12-30-11

On December 30, 2011 Gus and I took a drive to Bridgeport, CT to visit some friends that we had not seen in 26 years. Actually, I saw Alice and Ron last year for the first time, but this was Gus’ first time to visit them with me.

2. friends-kab Gus, Ron and Hannah 12-30-11


3. Alice and I-kab Kathie and Alice 12-30-11

I have known Alice since I was 16 or 17 years old. Her children played with my children when they were young. But when Gus and I moved to Idaho in 1986, that was the last I saw of her until last year. It’s always nice to reunite with old friends. Of course, we have both changed a lot since then!

3. Walking-kab Walkway along St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea

After sharing a meal we decided to go for a walk down along Long Island Sound at a place called St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea. Alice knows I am a birder and she was so excited to show me this place. Gus loves the ocean, so, while he and Ron headed off down the walkway with Hannah, Alice stayed behind with me to watch birds.

4. COHA-kab Cooper’s Hawk in tree 12-30-11

We had barely parked the car when this Cooper’s Hawk swooped over our heads and landed in the nearby trees!

5. gulls-kab Down by the water’s edge the usual Ring-billed and Herring gulls gathered.


6. lighthouse-kab Lighthouse out in the sound with Great Black-backed gull in water.


7. Long-island sound-kab Serenity


8. Marsh-kab The soft light of sunset turns all the grasses to gold…


9. divers-kab Mergansers and Buffleheads become part of a water-colored painting…


10. St. mary's-kab ..and, as clouds gather on the horizon…


11. sunset-kab …the sun sets on St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea 12-30-11

Skywatch Friday!


  1. Kathie this is such a beautiful place to spend with old friends.

  2. I love that part of Bridgeport. You captured it well!

  3. Hi Kathie

    You got some lovely photos I really like the sunset. It must be a nice break and it certainly does not look like January.


  4. Your sky photos are beautiful. But it's more beautiful are the smiles that I see here. Happy weekend!


  5. what beautiful photos and how great to be reconnected with such good friends!

  6. Kathie:
    Happy New Year and happy SWF! Lovely images of your area visiting with your friend!We leave for AZ in a few days!
    hugs Anna

  7. what a glorious way to begin the year - in a beautiful spot with good friends. Gorgeous photographs.

  8. What beautiful photos of what I'm sure was a lovely time. It's so nice to reconnect with old friends, especially in such a beautiful surrounding.

  9. Glorious scenic images, Kathie! What a lovely place to visit while meeting up with a friend from long ago. I hope you will be able to see Alice often!

  10. Looks like a lovely place for a stroll. - Margy

  11. Gaelyn, it sure was!

    TSAnnie, thank you!

    Kelly, thank you also!

    Guy, no it doesn't, but no complaints here!

    Mary, thank you!

    Tanya, thank you!

    Nature Girl...jealous! Say Hi to the Saguaros for me!

    Common weeder, why thank you!

    Heather, it sure was!

    Julie G. I really want to go back in spring because they have Monk Parakeets down there and I have never seen one in the "wild"! LOL!

    Margy, it is a lovely place for a stroll and I hope to go back and do it again!

  12. Wonderful post. Your first and last photos are my favorites!

  13. Wonderful post. Amazing shots!
    Happy New year :D

  14. What a wonderful day for you all. There is nothing better than seeing old friends in such beautiful surroundings.

  15. Wonderful series, Kathie! It is great to meet up with old friends. The scenery and sky look lovely. Happy Skywatching!


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