Monday, March 26, 2012

Birding Central Park

1. WTSP in CP-kab White-throated Sparrow in Central Park 3-18-12

Sunday morning dawned cool and gray. A soft blanket of fog hovered over the city. We woke up leisurely, ate our breakfast, grabbed our coffee and out the door we went. This was finally MY TIME; My time to bird. We padded down the cold pavement with me in the lead as we headed for Central Park!

2. Central Park-kab I use to hate the city, but when my brother introduced me to Central Park it changed all of that. I now love to come here to visit and wander around this park. Though I can still see the skyscrapers through the branches, The Park is a world of its own. And while many people head for the trails or the lawns and ponds, I head for the birding areas that I have come to know.

3. DOWO-kab With all the trees in the park, there are bound to be woodpeckers around. Sure enough it isn’t long before my brother spots a cute Downy in a tree. If he has taught me to love New York, well, I have taught him to notice the birds! He’s become a great spotter!

3. signs of spring-kab We walk past the lake on our way to The Ramble, a wooded and well known birding spot. Soon this area will be alive with spring warblers, but I have yet to be here at that time of year. In the lake I spot mallards and a couple of Canada Geese. All around the lake the grackles are calling, clicking and whistling. I can hear a lone red-winged black bird calling “konk-a-REE” over the water, and all around I can see White-throated sparrows. I listen  as they sing their sweet song to  the day. to me it sounds as if they are saying, “Oh Sweet-Canada, Canada, Canada!” which is where most of them will soon be heading to breed and nest for the summer.

4. bow bridge-kab My brother waits patiently while I watch birds and Gus looks around at the park. He left his camera back in the room today. He is just mellow and taking in the sights.

5. willows-kab There is a lot of beauty to be seen in Central Park!

6. egret-kab Just over the bow bridge Chris and Gus spot a Great Egret for me. I was behind them watching birds, but I got there in time to see the bird and get its picture before it walked behind a fence! We are about to enter The Ramble and I am so excited!

7. TUTI-kab Chris leads us over to the feeding area where I am able to photograph this Tufted titmouse at a meal.

8. HOSP-kab I was surprised to see House Sparrows clinging to the bark like this. I have never seen them do that before! Whatever it is, it must be good!

9. HOFI-kab On one of the feeders a female House finch sits.

10. AMRO-kab While down in the forest duff the robins hunt for worms.

11. bird sculpture-kab I found this tree sculpted by woodpeckers. With all these trees I thought sure I would see a sapsucker, but no,

12. the guys-kab so we walked on.

13. magnolia bud-kabWith just a little more warmth I am sure this Magnolia will blossom!

14. castle-kab We leave the ramble and climb the stairs to Belvedere Castle. This castle is famous for showing up in so many movies, including Step-Mom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. On our first trip ever to Central Park back in the late 1990’s my brother brought me and my two youngest children here to New York City. Seeing this castle then was a huge thrill for them. Seeing it now makes me miss them so, but it is fun to remember the good time we had here.

15. guys-kab I am so happy to show this place to their Dad. Seen here with my brother the two guys look like a couple of body guards. I have nothing to fear with them around!

16. k at belvedere3Don’t bother me, I’m birding!

While I am in full birding mode the Watcher is watching me and snapping off his own photos! Here I am standing on the terrace to the castle trying to find something I haven’t already seen…but no luck.

17. K at belvedere-cja I take a picture anyways…

18. cityscape-kab …’cause you can’t beat that skyline!

Come back tomorrow to see what I found at the reservoir!


  1. Kathie, I am really enjoying your NYC series!

  2. Very charming. It;s 85 degrees here in AZ so it's nice to see some winter hold-over elsewhere in the country. Great White-Throated Sparrow and Robin shots--that's some great urban birding you've got there.

  3. I barely feel like we're in the city. Someday, I will visit NYC, with someone like you who knows their way around.

  4. Beautiful pictures, all of them, my favorites are the great bird pictures though.

  5. Wow...lots of good birding and great scenery as well! Love that castle. Looks like it might be peanut butter spread on that bark for the birds. Stains like it, too.

  6. Cool Post Kathie

    I really remembered the time Helen and I spent in the park watching all the dogs.

    Just Great.


  7. I had heard about birding in Central Park but never thought it was this good.
    Enjoyable and interesting post Kathie.

  8. You made me smile that you were birding even in Central Park. Very cool! ;)

  9. Kathie, thanks for sharing your birds if Central Park. I have been there years ago. I had heard it was a great place for birding. Wonderful post and photos.


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