Monday, July 9, 2012

Phoebes and Flowers

1. Eastern Phobe-kab Eastern Phoebe in Norridgewock 7-6-12

When we arrived at my in-laws house in Norridgewock, Maine on Friday this sweet little phoebe flew out from its nest beneath the eaves of the garage and into this nearby tree.

2. nest-kabPhoebe Nest under the eaves of the garage

My father-in-law built this ledge just for the phoebes when he and mom first moved into this house and the birds have returned here to nest ever since.

3. nestlings-kab Nestlings. Can you see the beaks?

The nest is constructed of grass, moss and mud usually in a sheltered location and often under roofs or bridges and sometimes inside of old barns. The parents raise the chicks together and feed them insects and caterpillars. However, I only saw one parent the whole time I was here. Below are just a few pretty things I saw around the yard as I wandered looking for more birds.

4. sunflower-kab Black-eyed Susan in yard


5. raspberry blossom-kabWild Raspberry Blossoms


6. red berries-kab Red berries at edge of woods


7. EAPH-kab Phoebe keeping watch

While I saw a couple of cedar waxwings flying through the treetops the only other birds I recorded were birds that I heard: a black-capped chickadee, some robins, and a white-throated sparrow. The waxwings were a nice find and my first record of them at this location and for all of Somerset County, Maine. But I was not done birding yet. I really hit the jackpot when I took a drive down to Oosoola Park! Yeah, that post is coming next! See you then!

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  1. This sweet post brought a big smile to my face. We have a Eastern Phoebe couple who has built a nest in our garage (in a house that is currently being built). What joy it has been to watch phoebes build a nest, sit on the eggs (female) and feed the babies. The 5 youngsters fledged a few weeks ago and are now busy feeding in the nearby forest. The adult female phoebe is back sitting on a new grouping of eggs.

    All the photographs in this wonderful post are lovely! I'm looking forward to reading about your birding experience in Oosoola Park!

    1. Julie, I think the first phoebes I ever saw were the ones that nested in their yard! Now it is a reliable place for me to see them. They are such home bodies and make one feel equally at home! How nice that you have a pair gracing your home as well! BYW, don't you just love that name, "Oosoola?"

  2. A lovely post Kathie. What joy it must be for your in-laws to see these Phoebe's return every year to nest and bring up their young.

    Definitely looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Frank, it is a real joy for them and thankfully it is a repeating joy! The next installment is coming tomorrow so you won't have long to wait!

  3. Wow! That Phoebe has spectacular colors! The ones I saw in PA last month were just the black and white. The variation in these birds in incredible.

    1. Laurence, I thibnk you are seeing the reflection of the leaves. These birds are mostly black and white but some can appear olive or even a bit yellow-green on the belly. They are so cute!

  4. I knew you'd find birds. Love that your folks made a nice habitat for the Phoebe nest.


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