Friday, October 5, 2012

Greaterville Road Birding

1. DSC_0049-kab Blue Grosbeak on Greaterville Road in Arizona

On Sunday, September 16 I met up with Chris Rohrer again to go birding at Las Cienegas National Conservation area while my guys stayed home and watched football. It was such a gorgeous day to be out birding. We got up early and traveled south on the Sonoita Highway, but before we went to Las Cienegas, we took a short detour onto the Greaterville Road. The Greaterville Road is a dirt road that travels 17 miles between the Sonoita Highway and Madera Canyon. It travels through grassland and up through oak and mesquite, then down into the desert once again. We only drove in two miles before we turned around but in that short distance we observed at least 25 species that we were able to identify. There were a few more that got away. Here is a sampling of what we saw!

2. DSC_0003-kab Turkey Vulture


3. DSC_0006-kab American Kestrel


4. DSC_0012-kab Windmill on Greaterville Road


5. DSC_0020-kab Red-tailed Hawk in Tree


6. DSC_0038-kab Sparrow


7. DSC_0048-kab Blue Grosbeak


8. DSC_0065-kabBrewer's  Blackbird and Loggerhead Shrike


9. DSC_0069-kabBrewer’s Blackbird (Thanks Laurence!)


10. DSC_0083-kab Western Kingbird 9-16-12


  1. Lots of spottings on this little diversion.

  2. Nice Kathie! I love the skulking Brewer's Blackbird and the splotchy Blue Grosbeaks.

    1. Laurence, is that what it was? I was wondering and that was the only conclusion I could come to! Thanks for the confirmation! Now I can correct my post!

    2. Oh, and my eBird list as well!

  3. Looks like a great place to find birds! Will have to remember this one.


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