Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Return of the Cooper’s Hawk

1. Coopers-kab Adult Cooper’s Hawk in my yard on Monday, October 8, 2012

On Monday morning as I sat outside on my balcony watching birds the Cooper’s hawk suddenly dropped out of the sky and landed on the block wall near the feeders. It looked up and down and all around. It leaped down onto another block, and then onto the back wall before deciding there was nothing left to eat. Here are just a few of the photos I took as I sat there watching.

2. leaping-kab 

3. glaring-kab 

4. searching-kab 

5. leaving-kab 

So where did all the birds go?

6. where the birds are-kab 

7.pigs flee-kab 

8. LEGOs-kab Lesser Goldfinches in my neighbor’s mesquite tree.

The birds are coming to my feeders on a regular basis now and I have even seen the Gila woodpecker eating the suet cake I hung up. I have been going out birding quite a bit with friends and I have many more stories to tell. One of the new bird bloggers I have met is Chris. He recently posted his version of our first meeting at Agua Caliente Park. If you would like to read his post and mine, just click on the links below!


  1. Great great stuff!!! The Cooper's Hawk is amazing. But that tree full of Lesser Goldfinches looks like a lovely yellow Christmas tree:)

  2. As Chris said those Goldfinches look like ornaments on the trees. So many of them.

  3. HI Kathie, cool shots of your Cooper's hawk! So glad the goldfinches were safe. Love the finch tree. Great shots! Happy Birding!

  4. Great shot of the Cooper's Kathie.

  5. Nice shots Kathie! How cool to be so close to that elegant bird. Once you've got raptors coming by your yard, you've got the whole nine yards! Thanks for sharing

  6. Fantastic hawk pictures, the eyes are huge and golden, and what a stare.

  7. perfect hawk shots!! especially the one you got of him flying!! wow!! amazing!

    and i love all the goldfinches...perched in the tree!!

  8. That hawk is so gorgeous and you got some wonderful photos of it. The tree full of birds is pretty cool, too :-)

  9. The Cooper's Hawk is beautiful! And you got some amazing pictures of him.


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