Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Bluebird Sky (SWF)

1. Sky blue bird-kab Juvenile Eastern Bluebird at Geremonty Marsh 9-8-11

Though it is not quite yet autumn by the calendar, you couldn’t tell it by the marsh as hints of autumn color already dot the landscape in this Salem, NH town where I like to go bird watching before I do my shopping and other errands. Last week I stopped here and was surprised to find a pair of juvenile Eastern Bluebirds hanging out in the marsh and on the fences by the school yard. Is there any color of blue prettier than the sky blue of a bluebird?

2. sky blue baby-kab I just love the wide-eyed look of this fledgling.

3. bluebird-kab Gray sky; Blue bird.

Better get going little one. Autumn’s on its way and winter is not far behind. Grow those little feathers on you wings and FLY!

4. juv bluebird-kab

Happy Skywatch Friday!

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  1. I love the first shot of the bluebird on the rusty fence with the blue of the poles picking up the blue in the feathers.
    LOVE the bokeh in the second shot!
    Great shots!
    Happy Skywatching!
    Carletta's Captures

  2. Cool shots! What a nice find.

  3. Those youngsters better grow up and fly away soon if fall is settling in.

    That first shot IS amazing!

  4. ...sweet, sweet little baby! Soooo cute! They always melt my heart...

  5. Hi Katie...My very favorite of all the smaller birds! these are lovely !!
    I feel honored every year they return to there homestead in the
    There seem's to have been
    late hatches this daughter had some leave the box at her place the week of hurricane Irene!!
    Hope they all get all there feathers before it gets cold!!


  6. Beautiful, and I love that the photos were taken in my dear old New Hampshire!

  7. Hi Kathie

    Lovely photos. The second shot with the beautiful out of focus background leaves is priceless and really shows off the bluebird's colours.


  8. Bluebirds are indeed beautiful! Love you images! The fledglings are so very cute with their spotted feathers. We were fortunate to have one Bluebird pair produce three broods in the same house this year. Bluebird fun! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  9. Very nice photos, especially I like first and second.



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