Friday, September 30, 2011

Sky From my Yard (SWF) thru the trees-kab View of the morning sky in my backyard 9-26-11


2. sky in the window-kab Evening sky reflected in the western window of my office 9-26-11


3. oak trees-kab Sky through the oak trees (these are the trees reflected in the image above)

4. bug in the window-kab Bug in the window.

This is why I went outside in the first place, to photograph this insect which I could see crawling around on this spider’s web in the window of my office with no spider in sight! It seems an appropriate harbinger of October and Halloween with its black body, orange antennae and a spooky spider’s web!

Happy Skywatch Friday!

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  1. Really like the second image Kathie, it looks like an Oil.

  2. Hi Katie...I'm with roy it does look like a oil painting!
    Lovely the third one too...poor insect...!!

    Heading to Northern Maine for the weekend to visit my daughter. She has a sheep farm hope to keep some shots of colored tree's and sheep lol!!

    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  3. I look forward to seeing those trees and sky in a few weeks. The reflection shot is fantastic.

  4. Gosto de ver o céu através das árvores! Lindas fotos! No calor que está aqui ( 37°C ou 98°F), estar debaixo de umas dessas árvores seria bom.

  5. Nice captures of tones, contrasts, textures and light.

  6. How awesome the trees look... looks like fall is on the way...

  7. Love how the leaves spread in the second pic! Nice view when you work:) Happy SWF!

  8. Hi Kathie

    Great work with the reflections and I of course love the bug.


  9. Nice shots! That window reflection scene is really cool. Happy skywatching!

  10. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes


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