Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flicker Sky (SWF)

1. Northern flicker-kab Northern Flicker at bog 8-27-11 (The day before Tropical Storm Irene hit).

There’s nothing that shows off the golden underwings of the Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker better than a clear blue sky!

2. NOFL-kab Female Northern Flicker (note the lack of a moustache)

3. yellow shafted flicker-kab Golden Arrow Bird! (Northern Flicker)

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  1. I like the Flicker's flight pattern and usually only see them flying.

    BTW, I have a Great bird for SWF.

  2. Terrific flicker photographs! I think they are such interesting looking birds. Great captures!

  3. Great shots Kathie. Really wonderful flight captures, especially with the yellow underwings.

    Looks like your camera needs cleaning like mine judging by the spot on the lat photo. I have been erasing my dust spots on my iphoto programme.

  4. Marvellous shots - and wow - what a blue blue sky.

  5. I left the following about wind turbines killing birds on the post where you asked the question. And I brought it here...

    All you have to do is type in "wind turbines killing birds" and there are many pages, with photos of this happening. I saw it the first time on television and saw a golden eagle get killed. Not a pretty sight. They fear that most of the golden eagles, eagles and hawks will be killed by wind turbine blades.

  6. Damn,I just typed Gaelyn when looking at your flicker photos. Anyway..What I mean to say was Cool Flicker photos Kathie..Love those shots....Hope to see you soon!

  7. kathie, awesome captures of the Flicker and the pretty blue sky! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi there - great pictures - no woodpeckers or their kin in Australia - I miss them!

    So, thanks for putting up some pictures!

    Stewart M - Australia

  9. Hi Kathie

    Great movement, Flickers are such lovely birds.


  10. Gaelyn, nice condor!

    Julie G, thank you. I love them.

    Arija, i do not have a program to erase spots from images but I have tried cleaning the lens since then. we see if I was successful!

    LadyFi, yes, so very clear!

    Abe, that is horrible! what scares me is what can we do about it because I KNOW no one is going to take the things down. Corporations rule unfortunately! Thanks for the link and the info.

    Dawn, Ha ha! I am totally capable of doing the same thing. No worries. even if you hadn't removed the comment, I would have figured out what happened!

    Thanks Eileen!

    Stewart, I did not know there were no woodpeckers in Australia! How sad! I love them. I had 3 species in my yard just this morning!

    Guy, thank you. I just love the first shot.


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