Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Post for my Family: Xavier’s First Day of School and a Trip to the Zoo

1. X and dad-kab Xavier and his Dad 8-12-13

Last week my grandson returned from visiting his Mom on the east coast for the summer. On Monday he started his first day of kindergarten and I had the privilege of being there for the big day!

2. first day of school-kab Xavier


3. imagination-kabXavier has an active imagination and he was pretending to talk to his mom on his rock cell phone! His mom was still in town and able to join us for this special day.

4. painting-kab The first three days of school were a phase in, so the kids only went for an hour. Sine mom and dad both had to work, I watched the grandson. But what to do? I did not want to spent the day inside in front of the TV set. As we drove home I came up with an idea based on a piece of string and the toy G. I. Joe we found stuffed in a pocket of the backseat.  I found an empty box in the garage and pulled out my paints. Xavier had fun painting sky and grass in the box.

5. playing-kab A quick trip out the back door yielded sticks and stones which we hot glued into the box. Add sting and toy men and a bit of imagination and you have one happy kindergartner! That took care of one day, but I still had to keep him occupied the next day…I know! How about a trip to the Reid Park Zoo!

6. giraffe-kab Giraffe

7. behind-kab Behind…


8. before-kab Before…

9. beautiful-kab Beautiful!

But it was very hot and Xavier soon lost interest in the animals…

10. playing-kab and cooled off in the zoo’s water park!


11. joy-kab JOY!


12. peacock-kab Peacock at Reid Park Zoo 8-14-2013


  1. Hi Kathie

    A nice post and the photo of the Giraffe was stunning.


  2. When X-Man is much older, he'll always remember and treasure his really cool grandma.

  3. Xavier, good luck to you in kindergarten! And, throughout your entire school years. Study hard and have fun. You have one cool Grandma, is she teaching you all about birds?

    1. Sheila, that is so sweet! Thank you! And yes, I am teaching him all about birds. He loves to fill feeders with me and when he sees me get my bins out he gets his out as well. (I gave him a child's pair for Christmas.)

  4. You are a very inventive Grandma.


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