Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birding In Connecticut

I returned from New York City late Sunday night. My brother and I tromped all around Central Park. We went in search of long-eared owls, which we did not find, but found several ducks and gulls to add to my New York Life List at the Central Park Reservoir. On Sunday we took the subway to Brooklyn where we tromped around Prospect Park which was also designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the person who designed Central Park. Sunday was more gray and cool than Saturday was but, we had such fun and we walked until my legs felt like they would fall off. Still, we saw lots of birds and took lots of pictures. As soon as I return to Massachusetts I will download photos and post the stories!

Meanwhile, I am here in CT visiting family and counting birds. So far I have only watched birds in my Mom's yard and on a few back roads. It was raining here this morning but I may go out this afternoon to see what I can see. I have seen and heard Fish Crows here in Colchester. I am still waiting to see the return of any other migrants. Crocuses are poking up through the lawns and blooming in some locations. What I really notice is that the birds are singing. After being silent all winter the chickadees, titmice and Mourning Doves have become quite vocal, calling to the world as they feed and fly. Perhaps they are singing in the Spring, welcoming it with their voices, which is only a few days away now. Sunshine and 60's are predicted here for tomorrow!


  1. Glad you had a nice trip and are enjoying your CT visit!

  2. Ah, you have been visiting the parks of my ancestor.

    Yesterday I saw Red-crowned parrots from my Mom's yard.

  3. KaHolly, I am!

    Gaelyn, which park would that be? Prospect Park? So cool you saw the parrots. I do not have ANY parrots on my Life List yet!

  4. Kathie I need not tell you what the weather is like here in the Sonoran Desert area..oh my I am torn between leaving in a few weeks to head for home and part of me wants to stay here until well Spring is over here.
    YOU will be waiting for me next year!!! Tell Me!!!

  5. Kathie, I look forward to your future posts with pictures. Isn't NYC amazing?


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