Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York Life List-Kathiesbirds

16. rb merg-k

Red-breasted Merganser in Prospect Park Lake 3-13-11

My eBird New York Life List: (bold lettering denotes new location or date)

  1. Pileated Woodpecker: Whitehall NY 11-14-1989
  2. Red-tailed hawk-New York Hutchinson River Parkway  6-16-2009
  3. Northern Flicker-The Ramble 6-19-2009
  4. Common Grackle
  5. Mourning Dove
  6. Mallard
  7. House Sparrow
  8. Gray Catbird
  9. European Starling
  10. Red-bellied woodpecker
  11. Northern Cardinal
  12. Red-winged Blackbird
  13. Rock Pigeon
  14. Blue Jay
  15. American robin
  16. Barn Swallow-High Line Trail 6-20-2009
  17. Double-crested Cormorant
  18. American Crow-Inwood 6-21-2009
  19. Chimney Swift
  20. Northern Mockingbird-Isham Park 6-21-2009
  21. Canada Goose-Inwood Hill Park 6-21-2009
  22. Red-eyed Vireo
  23. Great Egret
  24. Baltimore oriole
  25. House Finch
  26. Eastern Towhee
  27. Tufted titmouse
  28. White-breasted Nuthatch
  29. Wood Thrush
  30. Song Sparrow-Dyckman Street Pier 6-21-2009
  31. Turkey Vulture-NY Rt 84 Orange County 9-1-2010
  32. Dark-eyed Junco-Falconer’s Hill 3-12-11
  33. White-throated Sparrow
  34. Black-capped Chickadee-The Ramble 3-12-11
  35. American Goldfinch
  36. Brown Creeper
  37. Downy woodpecker
  38. Brown-headed Cowbird-Central Park Pinetum 3-13-11
  39. Ring-billed Gull-Central Park Reservoir 3-13-11
  40. Bufflehead
  41. Great Black-backed Gull
  42. Northern Shoveler
  43. Pied-billed Grebe
  44. Ruddy Duck
  45. Cooper’s Hawk-Prospect Park Lullwater 3-13-11
  46. Red-breasted Merganser
  47. Coot
  48. Gadwall-Brooklyn Heights Promenade 3-13-11
  49. Brant
  50. American Black Duck


  1. You good little eBirder you!!!

  2. All of these in a couple of days? Wow, you Are Good!

  3. Birders are great listers, aren't they? Your NY list is very impressive. Great shot of the merganser!! My trip back to MA has been delayed a few weeks due to illness in my extended family. Hopefully, I'll be able to add more to my TX trip list! ~karen

  4. gorgeous shot of the those feathers! You're so good at listing. I never seem to be able to keep track. I need to get on the ball! :-)

  5. So good to see so many. What a great post.

  6. Birding is Fun, I thought you might like to see these stats.

    Gaelyn, not ALL of these. This is my Life List for this state. I saw around 35 species for the whole trip but 22 were new for my NY Life List.

    KaHolly, so sorry about the delay. Sure hope all is well. Enjoy that warm weather while you can!

    Kelly, I use a notebook and pen to keep track or I never would be able to keep it all straight!

    Sandy, The listing is only part of the fun for me. The birds are the best but it helps me to pin the trip into my memory!

  7. Beautiful merganser photo Kathie.

  8. That Merganser photo is a beauty!


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