Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Walk by Brooklyn Bridge

1. Prospect Park-k Gateway to Prospect Park 3-13-11

Our walk through Prospect Park is done. We stand at the transition zone of city and park.

2. gnarly tree-k I look at the trunk of this gnarly tree, its architecture standing in contrast to the city that surrounds it.


On the streets of Brooklyn, NY

3. pagoda top-k 

4. helmet head-k 

5. iron crest-k 

6. gargoyle-k 

7. brooklyn brownstones 

8. stone detail-k 

We see so many things as we walk the streets of Brooklyn, a place I have only seen in movies or pictures. After finding a cafe to finally have a warm breakfast in, we head down to the East River to see the Brooklyn Bridge.

9. Brooklyn Bridge-k Brooklyn Bridge and New York City Skyline

I have never seen the Brooklyn bridge before and there it stands in all its glory. It is much larger than I imagined. We are standing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and C—, excellent tour guide that he is and lover of all things New York, starts to point out the buildings we can see from here across the river. C—knows his buildings like I know birds, and really, I am interested but…what is this I see down in the river?

10. East river pilings-k Are there birds on these pilings…

11. pilings-k …do I see some Brant? and some mallards and gadwalls…

12. ducks n geese-k 1…2…3…Brant; 1…2 Mallards, Oh! Wait! 8 Gadwall? Wow!

13. me n Brooklyn Bridge-kOkay, now that I have counted birds I am ready to see the sights. Here I am with the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge

14. bridge-k 

15. bridge-k 

15a. bridge-k 

New York Skyline

16. skyline-k 

17. Empire state building-k Woolworth Building and Frank Gehry’s 8. Spruce Street

18. close-up-k 



Empire state building-k







Not Empire State Building




NOT Empire State Building! AIG Building!

(C—has corrected me! Thankfully!)

19. Statue of liberty-k Statue of Liberty

20. harbourCranes in Port Elizabeth, NJ with Governor’s Island in foreground.

21. cityscape-k Cityscape

22. temple-k City Municipal Building

23. hot chocolate-k By now I am cold and very tired. We have walked everywhere for the past 2 days. My legs feel like lead after all these miles of walking.  As we head for the subway station we walk past this place tucked into a row of warehouse buildings. C—asks if I like hot chocolate. I tell him sometimes. He asks if I have ever heard of Jacque Torres Hot Chocolate? The answer is “no.” But there is a bench in front of the store, so I sit down to rest my feet while C—goes inside to buy us each a small cup.

24. pigeonsWhile he is inside the store, I watch the building across the street, an abandoned warehouse, except for these street pigeons. C—soon emerges with our hot chocolate and we sit on this quiet gray street and sip chocolate paradise in a cup. It is warm and velvety smooth and, Oh! so rich! Though it warms me inside I am glad we only got small cups as I would never have been able to finish anything larger! However, if I am ever back here again, I am coming back for more!

25. music-k We find our way to the subway where music once again fills the air. When the train pulls into the station it feels good to sit for awhile as we ride back to the apartment in contented silence. When we leave New York City later this evening after a long nap I feel like I have lived two weeks of memories in a little over 48 hours. So, you know I have to say it…

26. I love NY-k I LOVE NEW YORK!

And Thank You C—for showing it to me!

My World Tuesday reprise

(scroll down to see part 1 of this adventure)

Note: this post was corrected today, 3-29-11, when C—emailed me to correct all my building ID mistakes! (I always help him with his bird IDs!)

Links to info on buildings:


  1. Wonderful series on NYC, Kathie! I just love that cool looking tree and the bridge is neat too. Great photos.

  2. You're finding beauty everywhere, Kathie! Thanks for sharing the tour.

  3. Wow wow wow - what a lovely adventure! Great pics of interesting bits of architecture too.

  4. There are some very brightly colored buildings in NYC that I didn't expect. The Brooklyn Bridge is marvelous. But best of all is you in the last shot.


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