Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the Wild March Wind (SWF)


On the wild March wind

the Turkey Vultures soar

Northward from the warm lands

rocking on the storm



With weather violent and unpredictable

under their great wings

They carry hope.

~Kathie Adams Brown 3-7-11


Skywatch Friday 

(Lynne, this one’s for you!)


  1. I love watching birds soar on the wind, beautiful photos

  2. Beautiful photos of the wild, soaring turkey vultures, and a wonderful poem, too, that enhances the photos. We have turkey vultures here, too, in the foothills of northern California.

  3. Lots of turkey vultures here, as you can imagine. Sitting out back last week, one was soaring overhead. Glad I always watch them, even though they are always there, because it turned out not to be a vulture at all, but a Zone-tailed Hawk!! Lovely verse to accompany your photos, Kathie. ~karen

  4. Lovely shots! They live around here, too, but I can seldom tell them from other large soaring birds. Maybe I should brush up on my bird identification...

  5. I saw a couple here yesterday, but by the time I got outdoors with my camera, they were over the woods.

  6. Beautiful images! Always a delight to view birds in flight. I've noticed the Turkey Vultures have returned to our area recently. Wonderful poem to go along with your fabulous photographs. A joy to view your lovely blog!

  7. The marvelous vulture
    has it's own culture
    that may not be our way
    I saw 100s of them today.

    Plus a whole lot of other birds, hawks, falcons, kestral, caracara. But alas no photos of birds while driving. ;)

  8. Like. Oh, forgot, I am not on facebook. ;-)

    Warmer and windy here today. Thought of you as I scanned the skies.

  9. Cool shots, Kathie. I haven't seen any turkey vultures yet. I guess it's still too cold here.

  10. They are beautiful, aren't they? I wish more people would think of them like this.

    I wish you peace (or should I say peace and quiet?), Kathie. We have birds in Michigan if you need a break.

  11. There is no flight more elegant than that of the Turkey Vulture. Thanks formthe lovely poem and photos, dear friend! I'm watching the skies for my FOY.

  12. beautiful images for the birds at play thanks for sharing with sky watch friday

  13. wow! awesome shots....:) great to be here. Hope you can check out my Skywatch entry as well. Thanks!

  14. Hi Kathie

    I love to see vultures and I hope I can get some photos of them this summer. Your photos are great and I really enjoyed the poem.



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