Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My World is Melting

1. melting path k Backyard path 3-5-11

2. backyard k Blossom’s Pottie-patch 3-5-11

3. sidewalk k Sidewalk 3-5-11

4. footprints k Footprints with melt-water 3-5-11

5. bog road k Guardrail revealed 3-5-11

6. bog k Melting bog 3-5-11

7. shimmering k A thin skim of water 3-5-11

8. step through k This is where I step through to see the bog 3-5-11

9. melting k Bog melt 3-5-11

10. puddle k Bog puddle 3-5-11

11. bridge k Shawsheen River at Steven’s Street Bridge 3-8-11

12. blue ice k Blue Ice on the Shawsheen River 3-8-11

13. swollen river k River swollen with melt-water 3-8-11

14. mergansers k What’s this I see?

15. mergansers Hooded Mergansers at the bend of the river 3-8-11

16. crow tree k Overhead a Crow watches me 3-8-11

17. dark water k Dark Waters 3-8-11

18. gull puddle k Gull Puddle at the Shawsheen Plaza on Main St. Andover 3-8-11

19. path k Melted Path, Muddy Path 3-8-11

My World Tuesday

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  1. Glad you got out for a lovely walk. The pair of Hooded Mergansers must have been a sight for sore eyes! They are so beautiful. The leaves melting on the icy snow remind me of walks in Maine during this same time of year. I always had to stop and check them out because they looked so cool the way they melted into the surface.

  2. I'm not only ready for this I'm envious. We've still got three foor drifts in our backyard. The potential for spring floods here in Minnesota is very high as I'm reminded by your very high river.

  3. I love to see the melting. Come on Spring!

  4. A beautiful post of the snow melt. I do hope it melts slowly so the rivers an cope and not flood homes and roads.
    Lovely to see some birds around as well. I os course love the snow but to you the sight of the ground must be most welcome with all the colour it provides for the eye to linger on.

    Sorry I have not been around much, things are a bit stressful at home.

    Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija

  5. Indications of Spring on its way. Come on warmer weather!!!

  6. belle serie hivernale, avec de belles lumieres

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  7. KaHolly, I do think the leaves look pretty on the icy path. I'm glad it is all melting but then comes the mud!

    Troutbirder, well, I thought this would never melt but it is. Thankfully we are getting a break between storms so the rivers can drain before the next deluge! I hope you can avoid flooding this year but like it or not, it is all part of the natural ebb and flow of life. I hope you can stay high and dry!

    Gaelyn, bring it on!

    Arija, we have had some minor flooding in the basement but this house is equipped for ti. some of the rivers and streams have reached minor flood stage but no major problems yet. So sorry to hear that things are not peaceful at home. I hope you can find some respite soon!

    Katnell, you know it!

    Walk in New York, thanks! I'll check it out.

  8. These photos are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the wonderful world of yours. :-) Have a nice day and great weekend with family members and friends.

  9. Hi Kathie I am really glad to see the signs of spring in your area. We have a ways to go before it thaws here but I know you have been hoping for warmer weather
    and it is great to see that winter is easing it's grip.

    All the best.



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