Friday, March 25, 2011

Scaffolding Sky (SWF)

DSC_0200 The Langham Building in New York City 3-12-11

DSC_0201 The Langham Building

I think the misty quality of this scaffolding and screening set against the azure blue sky is perfect for my Skywatch Friday post this week. We passed this building as we walked home from watching birds in Central Park.


  1. Interesting. In Frankfurt I saw a building with scaffolding and the screen was a picture of the building. But not such a beautiful sky.

  2. Gorgeous sky, I love the little glimpses you can see through the site.

  3. The colors around the scaffolding are neat against that pretty sky. Great captures, Kathie!

  4. Kathie I don't see snow in your image. Sure wish that was the case in my own backyard....I hear that I am heading for snow still covering the woods!
    I shall savor my last week hiding out in the desert enjoying the Spring blossoms!
    You had better get back here my dear!Hopefully. Waving.

  5. Wow, these are such unusual shots. I really find them interesting. Love that sky. I am thinking the city gets a lot more sunshine than do we.

  6. Wow, beautiful blue and clean sky, looks really nice.



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